Here’s to 2015


Even though it’s already mid-January, I’m still in ‘wrapping up Christmas 2014’ mode (i.e. I have a few Christmas New Years cards left to write and I just finished editing a batch of photos from Christmas and New Years – posted here). While it may be too late for resolutions, here’s to being more like this guy guy in 2015… Cheers!



We’re moving! Luke has been offered a job in the beautiful city of Ann Arbor so we’ve decided to sell the house and try Ann Arbor on for size. We’ll be moving at some point this summer so fingers crossed the house sells soon.

There are things I’ll miss about Kalamazoo… like the Alamo, Bells, and Waterstreet …but mostly hearing people laugh when I tell them where I live.

Addison Elizabeth

On February 21, my sister (with a little help from my brother-in-law) had her baby: Addison Elizabeth. And last weekend, I got to meet her! She’s a little nugget. She doesn’t do much other than eat and sleep but Connor is already trying to teach her some dance moves. Here are a few of my favorite photos from the weekend (more photos posted over here)…



I was lucky enough to visit a few of my favorite places this weekend …with one of my favorite people in the world: Kristen, my college roommate and dear friend. As you can see, it was a really foggy day.

“Joy is a mystery because it can happen anywhere, anytime, even under the most unpromising circumstances, even in the midst of suffering, with tears in its eyes….”  ― Frederick Buechner

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