House hunt

Yesterday Luke and I spent most of the day with a realtor touring houses in Kalamazoo. I still haven’t gotten used to the whole open house thing–it’s weird that people open their homes to you so you can poke through their closests and whatnot. There are two older neighborhoods we’ve been looking at: Oakland/Winchell and Westnedge Hill. The neighborhoods are pretty old so there are huge trees everywhere and the homes are also older so they have tons of character …and some baggage, too. Here are our favorites from yesterday:

1520 Evergreen Dr.
2301 Tipperary Rd.

We’ll be going through another half dozen homes next weekend, too and we’ll report back with our favorites. In the meantime, vote for which of our favorites is your favorite.

2 thoughts on “House hunt

  1. I think the houses in the higher price range (which are still very reasonable) are much nicer and I would delete the original three. I voted for the two story, but could be pursuaded by the cape cod. I would want to know heating bills, how old the furnace and windows are etc.
    The kitchen in the cape cod seems the best.
    Can’t tell about the basements, looks like they might be 7 ft ceilings which I don’t like.
    The lot looks better on the two story although it will be more work. It is pretty close to a tossup for me.
    Greta probably likes the one with the lime green kitchen.
    However, at the interest rates you are looking at, this is cheaper than renting in Boston even with the taxes, you can deduct all the interest.
    I would go for a 15 yr loan but Luke probably already thought of that.
    Great site!


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