House Hunt, Part II

On Sunday, Luke and I rendezvous’d with our realtor Frank, for another round of house hunting. This time we came armed with snacks and sodas to help us power through the day. We looked at 8 places yesterday, bringing the total homes we’ve toured up to 20 (which is 40+bathrooms and 60+ bedrooms and closets – yowza). Most of the places are within a few miles of each other though, so we’re not talking about covering that much ground here.

I tried to capture the feeling of the neighborhoods we’re looking at, but I haven’t done it justice.

You’ll have to come visit to experience it for yourselves.

I’d like to see how our top 7 or so stack up against each other, so I’m including all of our top considerations here for your voting pleasure. And if your vote is influenced by the street name, I totally understand. We’re planning to revisit these places in a couple of weeks with Mr. & Mrs. Retterath Sr. Until then, I’ll be waiting anxiously for your votes to roll in.

2705 University Ave.; 4436 Old Colony Rd.;  2411 Glenwood Dr.;  3802 Old Colony Rd.; 1520 Evergreen Dr; 2301 Tipperary Rd.; 2601 Bruce Dr.

If you’ve been through the home buying experience before and have helpful advice you’d like to pass along, please leave a comment! That includes you, Mom and Dad, so you might want to take advantage in case I never ask for advice again.

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