Day 2 – Syracuse

After enjoying homemade blueberry pancakes at the Wilmington Inn, we hit the road for our second day of driving. The first hour or so was some of the best, most picturesque driving of the whole trip. Our path wound along a river and eventually started climbing up and over the mountains. We made a pit stop for lunch in Cooperstown, NY which was much nicer than I was expecting – it was a very idyllic little town. Except for the hoards of little boys running around everywhere.

At some point during our drive, the east coast was hit with an earthquake, but we missed it since we were on the road. Less than a week later, Wilmington was hit with flooding compliments of Hurricane Irene. The inn we stayed at was about 1/4 down the road pictured in that video, to the right. It felt like the apocalypse for about a week or two there.

In Syracuse, we stayed with the always hospitable Sorbers and got dinner at Boom Boom Mex Mex (I just like that name). And of course we had to stop by Sorber’s Arctic Island and helped ourselves to all the ice cream we could handle. And then some. I highly recommend Monkey Business (Sorbers have the awesome job of creating, and naming, their own ice cream flavors).


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