I <3 Boston

And I’m back. The past couple months have been a blur because of all the travelling I’ve been doing for work and the holidays. I’m all set with driving across Wisconsin for a couple of months. No offense, Cheeseheads.

Most recently, Luke and I were in Boston. I had a work retreat last Friday, so we went out on Thursday and came back Saturday afternoon. I was double fisting Dunkin’ the whole time – it was heaven. It’s not really even about the coffee (for all you coffee snobs out there) it’s about the nostalgia Dunks represents for me. Before I get too carried away talking about my love of Dunkin’, here are some of the other highlights from the trip (starting with the obvious):

His and hers dunks - can you tell which one's which?

Redbones in Davis Squ.


View of the Charles from our hotel

Our hotel room had a TV ...in the bathroom.

These are only a few highlights we had time to squeeze in while we were there… so, what’s your favorite thing(s) about Boston?

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