After driving our Mini Cooper in Michigan snow last winter, we started thinking about trading her in for a more snow-ready vehicle. There were multiple times we’d be spinning our tires trying to get out of B&L’s neighborhood, which really is pretty flat. Now we’re living on the top of Westnedge Hill and it’s a pretty steep hill to climb (let’s just say I have to walk my bike up the hill to get home from rides). Then we added Bear to the mix and Costco runs in the Mini… with Bear… are a little tight. So we’ve been looking at vehicles with more space.

We’ve been looking at Jeeps, along with  other cars, over the summer. Yesterday we found a Jeep at a good price without too much rust, so we decided to go for it. It’s a 2001 Jeep Cherokee. I’ve always wanted an old truck and I love it. We don’t have plates for it yet, so I’ll have to be content driving it up and down the driveway until tomorrow. Bear’s also anticipating our first drive.

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