Strongman Coffee, LLC

Coffee supplies have been arriving steadily over the past few weeks, including: a commercial coffee grinder, multiple commercial and domestic-sized Filtron coffee brewers, and hundreds of pouches. Luke produced his first packaged batch of Strongman last week. It was neat to see everything come together into an actual product because it’s been a bit abstract until now. Strongman is a little dangerous though, because the pouch makes it so easy and convenient to (re)fill your glass with cold-brewed goodness. My new favorite way to consume Strongman is 1 part coffee, 3 parts 2% milk, and a little splash of flavored creamer served over ice. It’s so rich and smooth. Are you ready to drink some Strongman, now? If all goes well, it will be coming to stores in Kalamazoo next month.

2 thoughts on “Strongman Coffee, LLC

  1. Very good, potent, fresh product. Got some at the Peoples Food Co-op in Kalamazoo. Great packaging, convenient, sustainable… try not to drink the whole bag yourself…I dare ya.


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