Best. Weekend. Ever.

I was a little concerned that after 8 months of anticipation, the Mumford concert wouldn’t live up to what I’d dreamed it would be (yes, I had dreams about it… but in my dream nightmare I had missed the concert). I don’t know what I was worried about. It was a perfect weekend. The weather was a little warm and there was some rain but as the hemp-crystal-necklace-wearing hippie next to Luke said during ‘rain down on me’ lyrics… ‘IT’S SO BEAUTIFUL!!!’. It was. The Mumford concert was my favorite part of the weekend, but there were other good parts… lots of other bands (including old crow medicine show and edward sharpe), tasty food on a stick, cornhole, beers, and some of my favorite people. Let’s do it again next weekend, guys.

IMG_20130831_141406_20130903095323967 (1) IMG_20130901_212425 IMG_5093 IMG_20130831_142635_20130903095200652 IMG_20130831_185125_20130903094844735 IMG_20130831_145823_20130903095028569


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