After little to no rain for almost 2 months we’ve been having crazy intense thunderstorms this past week. Sadly, last night’s thunderstorm blew over my tallest sunflower stalk which was reaching Jack and the Beanstalk heights (7-8′). One of the smaller first sunflowers bloomed though and I love the colors.


The first hibiscus bloom busted out during the night so I had a new subject to photograph.


I planted a bunch of flower seeds back on Memorial Day and the zinnizs are fiiinally starting to bloom. I’m excited that I’ll have something to show for all my watering and weeding. These were a gift from Grammie:

New camera

I feel like I’m cheating because I bought myself a sweet present on the eve of Luke’s birthday–an refurbished SLR camera! I promised Luke I’d take pictures of the birthday party the two of us are having tomorrow in return, but he doesn’t like having his picture taken so that may be more of a punishment. I think my two main subjects will be Bear (no surpise there) and the thriving portions of my garden (I’ll spare you the weedy, bug eaten parts). I had some fun playing around with my new toy (the camera that is, not Bear…). Don’t worry, I got Luke a present for his birthday, too.

Welcome to the garden

The weather was gorgeous this weekend so Luke and I decided to tackle some landscaping a few of the garden beds in the backyard. We went to a local nursery and picked up plants to fill things in a bit. It’s a little hard to see the plants from these pictures, so I’ll just have to feature detailed garden pictures in another post. Here are some before and after pictures (the before pictures were taken 4-6 weeks ago and I took the other pictures tonight). It’s been a lot of fun watching things fill in.

Before                                                                         After



The frontyard is still overtaken by weeds, so I’ll save those pictures for another day.

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