Bear photo of the week…

Bear photo of the week…

Bear has learned if he positions himself under the bowl of popcorn he’s more likely to get to dropped kernels before I do. It’s one of the only smart things he does.




After driving our Mini Cooper in Michigan snow last winter, we started thinking about trading her in for a more snow-ready vehicle. There were multiple times we’d be spinning our tires trying to get out of B&L’s neighborhood, which really is pretty flat. Now we’re living on the top of Westnedge Hill and it’s a pretty steep hill to climb (let’s just say I have to walk my bike up the hill to get home from rides). Then we added Bear to the mix and Costco runs in the Mini… with Bear… are a little tight. So we’ve been looking at vehicles with more space.

We’ve been looking at Jeeps, along with  other cars, over the summer. Yesterday we found a Jeep at a good price without too much rust, so we decided to go for it. It’s a 2001 Jeep Cherokee. I’ve always wanted an old truck and I love it. We don’t have plates for it yet, so I’ll have to be content driving it up and down the driveway until tomorrow. Bear’s also anticipating our first drive.

New camera

I feel like I’m cheating because I bought myself a sweet present on the eve of Luke’s birthday–an refurbished SLR camera! I promised Luke I’d take pictures of the birthday party the two of us are having tomorrow in return, but he doesn’t like having his picture taken so that may be more of a punishment. I think my two main subjects will be Bear (no surpise there) and the thriving portions of my garden (I’ll spare you the weedy, bug eaten parts). I had some fun playing around with my new toy (the camera that is, not Bear…). Don’t worry, I got Luke a present for his birthday, too.

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