Puerto Rico

A few weeks ago, Luke and I helped celebrate the marriage of our dear friend, Liz. The best part was she tied the knot in Puerto Riiiiico!! It was so fun to be there for Liz, especially since she was one of the bridesmaids in our wedding. I’m sorry to say I forgot the camera, but I took a few pictures with my phone to give you a flavor of what it was like. Liz was a gorgeous bride.

I <3 Boston

And I’m back. The past couple months have been a blur because of all the travelling I’ve been doing for work and the holidays. I’m all set with driving across Wisconsin for a couple of months. No offense, Cheeseheads.

Most recently, Luke and I were in Boston. I had a work retreat last Friday, so we went out on Thursday and came back Saturday afternoon. I was double fisting Dunkin’ the whole time – it was heaven. It’s not really even about the coffee (for all you coffee snobs out there) it’s about the nostalgia Dunks represents for me. Before I get too carried away talking about my love of Dunkin’, here are some of the other highlights from the trip (starting with the obvious):

His and hers dunks - can you tell which one's which?

Redbones in Davis Squ.


View of the Charles from our hotel

Our hotel room had a TV ...in the bathroom.

These are only a few highlights we had time to squeeze in while we were there… so, what’s your favorite thing(s) about Boston?


It’s National Forum time again. I’ll be flying out in a few hours to work at IHI’s annual conference in Orlando, Florida. It’s hard to believe this will be my 5th Forum. It’s looking like a good week to get out of Dodge, because there’s snow in the forecast this week for Michigan. The forecast for Orlando is 75 and sunny for the next 10 days.

I fly back to Michigan next Thursday, and a couple hours later we have Luke’s holiday party where I’ll meet his co-workers for the first time. I’ll have to dig deep to access my inner Betty Draper after working at the Forum all week. Then I’m off to Boston for a quick trip on Monday-Tuesday. So, “see” you all on back here on Wednesday, December 14!

Windy City

A week or so we were in Chicago for my grandma’s birthday bash. Everyone from the my mom’s family came in from around the country (CA, MN, MI, NY, VA, & IL). It was the first time we had all rendezvoused since Renee’s wedding in September 2009. We ate, walked, and shopped while we were there. We also took an architecture boat tour on Saturday which I’d recommend if you’re ever in Chicago. It was a great way to see the city and learn a few things… although I didn’t retain much except that the Dark Knight and Transformers were both filmed in the old post office building and while they were filming you could hear explosions throughout downtown Chicago. It was a great weekend.

Day 2 – Syracuse

After enjoying homemade blueberry pancakes at the Wilmington Inn, we hit the road for our second day of driving. The first hour or so was some of the best, most picturesque driving of the whole trip. Our path wound along a river and eventually started climbing up and over the mountains. We made a pit stop for lunch in Cooperstown, NY which was much nicer than I was expecting – it was a very idyllic little town. Except for the hoards of little boys running around everywhere.

At some point during our drive, the east coast was hit with an earthquake, but we missed it since we were on the road. Less than a week later, Wilmington was hit with flooding compliments of Hurricane Irene. The inn we stayed at was about 1/4 down the road pictured in that video, to the right. It felt like the apocalypse for about a week or two there.

In Syracuse, we stayed with the always hospitable Sorbers and got dinner at Boom Boom Mex Mex (I just like that name). And of course we had to stop by Sorber’s Arctic Island and helped ourselves to all the ice cream we could handle. And then some. I highly recommend Monkey Business (Sorbers have the awesome job of creating, and naming, their own ice cream flavors).

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