November 2

Here are some of my favorite photos from Renee and Connor’s wedding a few weeks ago. I loved the rustic setting they chose.

I’m glad Renee made the right decision and wore the vintage fur that’s been in my mom’s family for 3 generations. I’ve also included a pic of the bouquet I put together for Renee–the flowers are from Trader Joe’s. I will gladly do photos or flowers for any of your events coming up.

Hope you enjoy the photos (and they’re all posted over on my Flickr stream if you’d like to download any of these)!

Mr. & Mrs.


Renee and Connor had a beautiful wedding ceremony on the north shore of Minnesota this past weekend. Here’s the first of many pics I took that day. Stay tuned for more photos in the coming weeks…

Congrats you guys!

Renee & Connor

I was in Minnesota this past weekend and had the pleasure of photographing Renee and Connor while I was there. Here are a few of my favorites – lots more are posted over here on my Flickr photostream.



Stills by Greta

I’m excited to introduce you all to my newest ‘hobby’. After a bit of soul searching and deliberation about the intersection of my interests/skills and others’ needs (and I use ‘needs’ very loosely) I’ve decided to give pet photography a go. I’ve been working on beefing up my portfolio for the past couple of months and I’m pleased to introduce you to my website: The photogenic dogs featured in the gallery include: Annie, Walter, Peanut, Josie, and BEAR!

If you know of anyone that’d be interested in having pet/animal photos taken, please pass my site along to them! (I’d also photograph humans, but prefer animals. Nothing personal, folks.)

Stills by Greta


Thanks for all the birthday love! Apart from having to deal with this guy’s attitude, I’m having a great day and enjoying being 29.


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